How to Apply for Funding


STEP 1: Review requirements to determine the eligibility of your organization and grant request.

  Submit the appropriate grant application, grant budget, and any attachments required by the deadline.


       a.     Submit the 2014 Grant Application and the 2014 Grant Budget Form for the following funding requests:


  • Healthy Residents and Healthy Communities
  • Participation in Arts and Culture
  • Environmental Awareness and Action
  • Resident Engagement and Leadership
  • Nonprofit Excellence
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Pathways for Older Adults (proposals above $3,000)
  • Women’s Issues
  • Community Art Programs for Youth

    .    The following funding opportunities require a separate application:




Our Program Team 
Please contact us with questions about your grant proposal or our grant application process.

Josh Carey, Director Grants Management: Thriving Communities Grants, Scholarships, Community Arts, and Environment

Ellen Carter, Program Officer: Town Related Grant Applications, Early Childhood Education, Healthy Residents and Communities, and Leadership Programs 

John Long, Program Officer: Nonprofit Excellence Grants (Formerly Nonprofit Assistance Initiative Grants)

Cynthia Merrick, Development Officer: Women’s Issues and Sponsorships

Tallitha Richardson, Program Associate: General Grant Information, Reporting, and Scholarships

Deborah Stein, Program Officer: Pathways for Older Adults

Kippy West, Program Coordinator: Pathways for Older Adults, Leadership Programs