Fund Types


Permanent endowment funds - Support your charitable goals and community needs in perpetuity with one of the following types of permanent endowment funds:

  • Unrestricted funds that meet ever-changing community needs. Unrestricted funds offer the flexibility to respond to the community's most pressing needs, today and tomorrow.
  • Field of interest funds that connect personal values to opportunities. Establish a fund flexible enough to meet community needs in an area of personal interest – whether that interest is either specific to a particular topic or a certain town – with a field of interest fund.
  • Designated funds that help sustain and grow local organizations. Support your favorite qualified charitable organization annually – in perpetuity – with a designated fund.
  • Scholarship funds that invest in your community's future and show deserving students you care.  Funds may be unrestricted or restricted to a certain school, geographic area or field of study. 

Donor-advised funds - With a donor-advised fund, you can remain actively involved in the fund's operation, targeting the issues you care about most and recommending grants to support organizations that fulfill your mission. 

Nonprofit endowment and advised funds. Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations can use the power of the CCF endowment, as well as planned-giving opportunities through nonprofit endowment and advised funds.

Private foundation administration and grant-making services. CCF can provide a variety of services – from program and community-expertise grants and scholarship management, to administrative and financial oversight and support.

For more information, contact Julie Loughran, Director of Development and Communications, at 203.753.1315 x 116.

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