Nonprofit Excellence Grants: 
Capacity-Building Grants


Nonprofit Excellence Committee awards grants and services to develop or strengthen the management capability of a nonprofit organization including:

  • strategic planning
  • board/staff training
  • financial systems
  • technology
  • fundraising
  • other organizational capacity building efforts

Instructions for Grant Seekers

  • Nonprofits must show readiness including sufficient resources and commitment from both board and staff to implement the capacity building project.
  • For nonprofit organizations whose primary office is outside the 21 town service area: if the organization serves a significant number of residents within the service area, it may apply for assistance only for specific capactiy building activities within the Foundation service area.


To Apply:

Refer to our 2014 Guidelines and use the 2014 Grant Application and 2014 Grant Budget Form at How To Apply For Funding

Our Program Officer, John Long, will be happy to answer any questions you have.